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Celine Delaugere and her business partner Ronak Patel created MyDataMachine in 2021 between India and France. They offer data services to 25+ companies to help them to develop data and AI projects. They operate in different industries like Fashion tech, security, energy and agriculture.

A large part of companies are transforming into a data company: whatever their sector of activity, they are moving from a product company to a data company. If we take the example of Uber Eats, it is above all knowing consumer habits through data and knowing how to place delivery people to be as efficient as possible in deliveries.
After a period of testing and “proof of concepts”, companies now want to industrialise their machine learning models and their data processes. The era of the data factory was born.

But according to Gartner 85% of POCs in Datascience fail to go into production. At, we help companies that want to put their POCs into production to create large-scale data, thanks to our teams of experts. Our job is to create large datasets by ensuring their quality, whether by enriching the data, increasing existing datasets or cleaning data. We mainly work in the retail, energy, security and satellite imagery sectors.

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