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NO ONE 9991


Can artificial intelligence be a means of artistic expression?
Will algorithms give birth to the aesthetics of tomorrow?

The series NO ONE 9991 was created by Céline Delaugère in 2018.  First of its kind in France, it was presented in Paris in November 2019.

NO ONE 9991 is a series of 8 limited edition and numbered works - at the crossroads between fashion, art, digital and technology - all generated by artificial intelligence. The works that make up the NO ONE 9991 series are the result of training an artificial neural network (ANN) that generates images. 

After learning, the final artistic pieces are generated from a database containing tens of thousands of faces of models, both men and women, collected since 2015 and taken exclusively from photos of fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. 

The creation of the network is nourished by long weeks of learning. The result allows apprehending amazing images by their beauty and their abstraction. The network creates art from scratch. 

It is thus from faces belonging to the tangible world that the series No One was born, virtual faces belonging to a new world. The beginning of the fourth dimension 9991. 

Beyond the formal aspect, these creations highlight new questions about AI; from aesthetics to the essence of artistic creation. One of the first exhibitions in France of works produced by an autonomous machine, NO ONE 9991 allows the public to discover the mysterious artistic expression, product of the autonomous creativity of machines. 

Generative Adversarial Networks or GANs first appeared in Ian Goodfellow's work in 2014. Quickly adopted by researchers specialized in artificial intelligence, these networks are now a experimental artistic tool that tends to spread. Memo Akten, Robbie Barrat, Refik Anadol, Wayne McGregor, Mike Tyka are today the figureheads of an creative movement generated by artificial intelligence. 

The artist Céline Delaugère has immersed herself in this highly visual world to realize her first creations. The saturation of the space by all these faces inspired this long term work. 

Find Céline Delaugère digital artwork here


Céline Delaugère, also known with her artist name Celdel, drop this November 11th at 11:11AM her 1st NFT drop on OpeanSea

She did a kind of contest on Twitter and Instagram to let her audience choose the four artworks that she would drop as NFTs. 

Here are the four works that received the most attention and were offered for sale!


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