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I was thrilled to be interviewed by Cécilia Severi the 12th of October at B-Smart TV.

I had the pleasure of telling the story of Eva Engines and talking about the construction of our newest product, Eva Generate.

Eva Engines was created in 2019 by David Zerah and I, thanks to our strong technical and AI expertise, combined with my modeling experience with IMG Models.

It is thanks to this internal knowledge of the fashion industry that our product Eva Generate was born. It is an AI solution allowing designers to visualize future garments only from a sketch. After choosing the fabric and color online, our AI generates a hyper-realistic image of the future piece of clothing.

Today, we are targeting innovative fashion brands, ready to incorporate digital solutions to modernize their workflow and to reduce their cost and environmental footprint thanks to digitally-made decisions.

Thank you to B SMART TV and especially to Victoire Sikora for the invitation !

Let’s all be actors of tomorrow’s fashion !

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