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From a fashion model to an entrepreneur ! Podcast by Ecole Polytechnique

From the greek letter used in mathematics to signify an amount, SIGMA is a podcast signed by Ecole Polytechnique. Launched in 2020 to share and discuss the topics at the heart of their school, the podcast speaks of science under different angles : interviews, researchers, entrepreneurs, school conferences…

Listen to the podcast here.

Interviewed by the journalist Yann PLANTIER, I appeared on the latest SIGMA for a 25 minutes exchange. 

Listen to her story from the start. First, how she jungled with her studies while modeling all over the world and meeting her associate, David Zerah. Then, how she developed her passion for mathematics and artificial intelligence leading her to the creation of Eva Engines.

Free and accessible on all podcast platforms (Apple Podcast, Podcast Addict, Spotify, Deezer, Pocket Casts, Google Podcast…) Listen to it here

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